Chapter titles

Chapter Titles


The book is a “call for commitment” by Officials to a Proper Performance while making consistent, accurate rulings. However, choosing a title that stated such seemed to take me about as long as writing it. I wanted a title that would instantly cause Basketball Officials to pick it up, thumb through it, and be so curious that they would not be able to put it down. I guess that’s the goal of all writers of books. My motivation for this book comes from the fact that I have absolute genuine concerns about The Game, and I have for a long time. My concern comes from my belief that officiating basketball is not as difficult as so many among us make it out to be. 



Introduction: Why This Book?

Introduction: One More Thing

NFHS Mission Statement, Coaches’ Code of Conduct, Officials’ Code of Conduct

Chapter 1: Accept Your New Identity 

Chapter 2: Guardians of the Game

Chapter 3: The Game is its Rules!

Chapter 4: Four Training Topics To Learn First

Chapter 5: The Role of High School Basketball Officials

Chapter 6: The Real Big League

Chapter 7: Attention State Associations/Leaders of Officials

Chapter 8: NFHS Officials’ Quarterly 2001 Article

Chapter 9: NFHS Officials’ Quarterly, 2004 Article

Chapter 10: Officials Are Not Game Managers!

Chapter 11: Substitutes for Rules Enforcement

Chapter 12: Signals Are the Language of The Game

Chapter 13: Philosophers In The Gym

Chapter 14: “No Calls” Are a Myth

Chapter 15: Basketball Officials Can’t Have Their Own “Strike Zone”

Chapter 16: Contact Is Also Rules-Based

Chapter 17: Stop Talking and Officiate

Chapter 18: "Enough with the Selling Already!"

Chapter 19: Always Consider Both Teams

Chapter 20: Every Game Has an Ending

Chapter 21: “Ticky-Tack” Fouls

Chapter 22: Don’t Forget to Learn the Last Rule

Chapter 23: Natural-Born Basketball Official

Chapter 24: The Rules of the Road

Chapter 25: For Better or Worse

Chapter 26: A Thorough Pregame Conference

Chapter 27: The Complete Package

Chapter 28: My Trip to Maine

Chapter 29: International Association of Approved Basketball Officials

Chapter 30: Five-Star Basketball Referee Development Program

Chapter 31: The Take away

Chapter 32: Final Commentary

Poem: Did I Help or Hurt Today, Lord

Study Guide: Beginnings and Endings